Petrocity Energy

Petrocity is a limited liability company incorporated in Kenya, with corporate head office in Mombasa and Terminal in Konza, Makueni.

PEKL was formed in February 2010 in Kenya to invest in Oil terminals and distribution facilities in Kenya. After extensive research and market study, land was bought in Konza, neighboring the Kenya Pipeline Pump Station Number 8 and Oil storage and truck-loading terminal was designed.

After getting the required approvals from Kenya Pipeline, National Environment Management Authority, Local councils and Energy Regulatory Commission, the construction of the terminal commenced in January 2012. On completion of phase one the terminal has a storage capacity of 22.5 million litres for Diesel, 13 million litres for Petrol and 4 million litres for Kerosene. Terminal has a daily loading capacity of 5 million litres using 16 loading Bays. Terminal will also have a truck parking facility to cater for up to 150 large trucks with a recreation and lodging centre for the truck drivers.

Phase 2 of the terminal will commence in mid 2014 to add additional storage capacity of 120 million litres, to complete by end of 2015

Construction of this ultra-modern facility has been done to the highest standards; using API 650, using the best technology available. Engineering design and construction supervision has been done by local Engineers in conjunction with KPC Engineering team to deliver this world class terminal to the Oil Industry

Konza Terminal is located 75 Kms from Central Nairobi and 427 Km from Mombasa with excellent connectivity to Mombasa –Nairobi Highway, directly connected to the KPC Mombasa to Nairobi pipeline which ensures reliability in supply. High accuracy metering systems installed with Master meters in line to confirm received volumes under control of KPC to assure integrity and security during product receipt.

The terminal has an ability to receive up to 450m3 per hour enabling KPC to create ullage faster at Kipevu Oil Storage Facility (KOSF) in Mombasa.


The terminal has:-

*  Terminal Capacity : 40 million litres.
*  Product Capacity: AGO :22.5 million litres.
                                : PMS : 13 million litres.
                                : PMS : IK : 4 million litres.
*  Loading Capacity: 5 million litres per day.
*  Loading Bays: 16.
*  Receiving Capacity : 450 m3 per Hour.
*  Future Tank Capacity : 120 million litres by end of year 2015.

Product Pump House

*  High Capacity Loading Pumps to meet Loading requirements at Loading Bays.
*  Avg. Capacity : 660 Cubic Meter / Hour
*  Total Bays : 16 (12 Operational)
*  Total Capacity : 864 CuM / Hour
*  AGO : 648 CuM / Hr (Max)
*  PMS : 432 CuM / Hr (Max)
*  IK : 216 CuM / Hr (Max)

Automated Fire Fighting Facilities

*  Fire Engines – 2 nos. of 600 CuM/Hr
*  Foam Tank – 5000 Liters
*  Hydrants & Foam cum Water Monitors
*  Water Sprinklers & Foam Pourers to each Tank
*  Foam Sprinklers on Loading Gantry

Complete Automation

    From Receipt of the Product till Loading of Product into Customers Trucks that includes:
*  Real-time Product Quantity Monitoring using ATG, ESD, Sensors (Level, Gas Leaks, Heat, Flames)
*  CCTV Surveillance all-round
*  Access Control
*  Customers have real time access to stock position

Customer can Remotely Access the System &

*  Monitor receipt of their allocated Product in nominated Product Tanks at the terminal.
*  Monitor characteristics like Density & Temperature of products in tank and hence be sure of Product
*  Monitor Deliveries, Truck by Truck, Volume by Volume.
*  Monitor its Stocks
*  Download Reports pertaining to receipts/deliveries/contracts.
*  Customers can monitor every Transaction and reconcile directly online.
*  All Oil Marketing Companies registered to operate in Kenya and have signed the TSA with KPC can uplift their
    product through Petrocity Konza Oil Terminal
*  A Hospitality Agreement with every customer- friendly terms is available for potential Users.

Petrocity Oil Terminal - Konza
Tel : +254-711438482 / +254-731855755
Fax : +254-202022183

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