Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels Ltd (Kenya) was established in 2003 to procure and supply Petroleum products to our established retail network of stations in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo operated by our sister company Petrocity. 

Fossil is a member of the Kenya Petroleum Refinery as a Crude Oil processor and has Transport and Storage agreement with Kenya Pipeline Company of Kenya (KPC).

For distribution in Kenya, Fossil has hospitality agreements with several Oil companies owning terminals in Mombasa and Nairobi, Oilibya, TOTAL, Kobil, National Oil, Hashi Energy as well through KPC terminals who facilitate our product storage and loading of our nominated trucks.

Fossil Fuels distributes LPG through its own brand of Cylinders, PETGAS, through its affiliates Petrocity in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Rwanda and has Storage and cylinders filling plants.
Fossil Fuels ventured into providing Bunkering Services in the port of Mombasa in January 2010, supplying using a 500 metric ton self propelled barge. Due to the success of the operation, a new Barge of capacity 1100 metric tons MUSSA K with Double skin and double hull was commissioned  in April 2011 for supply of Fuel Oil and Marine Gasoil, and a third vessel MT ALDABRA, double skin and double hull, with 2,200 m3 capacity was added in 2013